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Visit: accurateplatingco.com/Web/indexH.php

Always thankful for the people that help you to serve better !!!
Partial of our team that makes Accurate Plating be the greatest Company in service in Southern California !! Merry Christmas and a happy new year :) Thank you  Alfredo Eufracio  for the great picture You are a blessing !!!
Accurate Plating CO, we specialize in Zinc coating
but we also offer other different types such as chrome, masking, bright tin, copper plating, nickel plating, Gold and many others.
Electro Zinc Clear-blue Gold, Chrome, Nickel, Satin Chrome, Antique brass, antique cooper, Olive Drab, Electro less nickel, electro-polis.
Strip & Re-plate.
Baking process "Pre & Post."
Salt Spray.
Passivate, Anodize, Cad, Chem Film, Black Oxide, Power Coating.
Bronze, Satin Brass, Satin Bronze, Bright- Silver.
Matte Silver, Gold & Antique.
Strip to Raw, Strip Lacquer, Polish
Polish, Tumbling, Pickling, Heavy Copper, Copper Buff.
Antique W/ Paint, Sandblast, Oxidation W/Tumble
Air Dry Lacquer, Dip Lacquer, Match Sample, WAX.
Flat, Semi-Gloss, Glossy.
 Zinc Clear ll
 Cooper (Tin)  Nickel  Wax
 Zinc Yellow ll  Super Seal  Bright Dip  Bake (4-5 hrs or less)
 Olive Drab ll  Bright (Tin)  Strip & Re-Plate  Bake 23Hr
 Zinc Black ll  Brass Reg  Strip Only  Pre-Bake
 ZGreen & Red Dye  Brass S.S  Strip & Oil  Lacquer
Superior quality in plating services
Quality Policy.

   Accurate plating company is dedicated and committed to providing superior quality plating services that meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations on a consistent basis. This is the basis of our quality Management system. This management system has been implemented and communicated to all of our employees. Monitoring methods had been installed to track and maintain this policy.
Our policy is to provide a quality service at competitive price and on time deliver to our customers.

To meet our commitment we will:
PROVIDE> quick and timely responses to our customer’s needs.
ENSURE> All employees understand and follow the quality guidelines that have been established and implemented.
WORK>  Toward providing a more efficient method of controlling our internal procedures and processes to eliminate waste and reduce costs while maintaining and producing  quality finish on our customer's parts.
Your business is very important to us.
Please let us know how we can help.
Call now at: (323) 268-8567
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