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 Type Of Services:
Electro Zinc Clear-blue Gold, Chrome, Nickel, Satin Chrome, Antique brass, antique cooper, Olive Drab, Electro less nickel, electro-polish.
Strip & Re-plate.
Baking process "Pre & Post."
Salt Spray.
Passivate, Anodize, Cad, Chem Film, Black Oxide, Power Coating.
Bronze, Satin Brass, Satin Bronze, Bright- Silver.
Matte Silver, Gold & Antique.
Strip to Raw, Strip Lacquer, Polish
Polish, Tumbling, Pickling, Heavy Copper, Copper Buff.
Antique W/ Paint, Sandblast, Oxidation W/Tumble
Air Dry Lacquer, Dip Lacquer, Match Sample, WAX.
Flat, Semi-Gloss, Glossy.
Coating for ferrous metals.
Either a bright or dull finish is acceptable.
Bright zinc plating (electro-chloride) closely resembles bright chromium; however, bright zinc does not have the permanence of surface appearance.
Zinc coated steel will not rust even when exposed by scratches because of the galvanic protection of the zinc. On weathering, zinc turns to a drab gray color.
Zinc should be deposited directly on the base metal. Nickel is a permissible    undercoat if base metal is corrosion resisting steel. Parts having hardness greater than RC-40 must be given a heat treatment prior to plating.
Springs having hardness over RC -40 must be baked at 375° F for 3 hours.
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